D&D 3.5e To GURPS 4e Skill Equivalencies

The myriad skills that the GURPS Basic Set offers can be a stumbling block to new players. Here I have taken each skill from D&D 3.5e and found their closest GURPS 4e equivalent. Skills marked with the dagger (†) must be taken for a particular specialization. (See page B169.)

D&D 3.5e Skill (GURPS Skill Attribute/Difficulty Page;)

Appraise (Connoisseur† IQ/A B185; Merchant IQ/A B209;)
Balance (Acrobatics DX/H B174;)
Bluff (Acting IQ/A B174; Fast-Talk IQ/A B195;)
Climb (Climbing DX/A B183;)
Concentration (Meditation Will/H B207;)
Craft (Armoury/TL† IQ/A B178; Artist† IQ/H B179; Carpentry IQ/E B183; Jeweler/TL IQ/H B203; Leatherworking DX/E B205; Masonry IQ/E B207; Sewing/TL DX/E B219; Smith/TL† IQ/A B221;)
Decipher Script (Cryptography/TL IQ/H B186;)
Diplomacy (Diplomacy IQ/H B187; Public Speaking IQ/A B216; Savoir-Faire† IQ/E B218;)
Disable Device (Explosives/TL† IQ/A B194; Machinist/TL IQ/A B206; Mechanic/TL† IQ/A B207;)
Disguise (Disguise/TL† IQ/A B187; Makeup/TL IQ/E B206;)
Escape Artist (Escape DX/H B192;)
Forgery (Counterfeiting/TL IQ/H B185; Forgery/TL IQ/H B196;)
Gather Information (Area Knowledge† IQ/E B176; Current Affairs/TL† IQ/E B186;)
Handle Animal (Animal Handling† IQ/A 175; )
Heal (Diagnosis/TL IQ/H B187; First Aid/TL IQ/E B195; Physician/TL IQ/H B213; Poisons/TL IQ/H B214; Surgery/TL IQ/VH B223; Veterinary/TL IQ/H B228;)
Hide (Camouflage IQ/E B183; Shadowing IQ/A B219; Stealth DX/A B222;)
Intimidate (Intimidation Will/A B202;)
Jump (Jumping DX/E B203;)
Knowledge (Area Knowledge† IQ/E B176; Connoisseur† IQ/A B185; Current Affairs/TL† IQ/EB 186; Games† IQ/E B197; Heraldry IQ/A B199; Hidden Lore† IQ/A B199; Savoir-Faire† IQ E 218;)
Listen (Observation Per/A B211)
Move Silently (Stealth DX/A B222;)
Open Lock (Lockpicking/TL IQ/A B206;)
Perform (Dancing DX/A B187; Group Performance† IQ/A B198; Musical Composition IQ/H B210; Musical Instrument† IQ/H B211; Performance IQ/A B212; Poetry IQ/A B214; Singing HT/E B220; Ventriloquism IQ/H B228;)
Profession (Expert Skill† IQ/H B193; Hobby† DX or IQ/E B200; Professional Skill† DX or IQ/A 215;)
Ride (Riding† DX/A B217;)
Search (Scrounging Per/E B218; Search Per/A B219;)
Sense Motive (Body Language Per/A B181; Detect Lies Per/H B187;)
Sleight Of Hand (Sleight of Hand DX/H B221;)
Speak Language (See B23)
Spellcraft (Occultism IQ/A B212;)
Spot (Observation Per/A B211;)
Survival (Survival† Per/A B223; Tracking Per/A B226; Urban Survival Per/A B228;)
Swim (Swimming HT/E B224;)
Tumble (Acrobatics DX/H B174;)
Use Magic Device
Use Rope (Knot-Tying DX/E B203;)

Combat Skills

Melee Skills

Boxing DX/A B182; Brawling DX/E B182; Fast-Draw† DX/E B194; Judo DX/H B203; Karate DX/H B203; Melee Weapon DX/Varies B208 (Read the entry!); Shield† DX/E B220; Wrestling DX/A B228;

Ranged Skills

Bow DX/A B182; Crossbow DX/E B186; Fast-Draw† DX/E B194; Sling DX/H B221; Throwing DX/A B226; Thrown Weapon† DX/E B226;