Dark Heresy House Rules

Lest we falter

While the psykers sanctioned by the Scholastia Psykana are chosen in part due to their likelihood to resist daemonic possession, which is also fortified by mental training, that is not the only line of defence imparted to them. Each sanctioned psyker carries with them a Psykana Mercy Blade and is trained in how to use it to commit a painless suicide should daemonic possession occur. As an ultimate display of friendship and trust, two psykers may exchange Mercy Blades.

In the event of daemonic possession and the loss of self-control, the myriad hypnotic suggestions, brain engrams, and other methods implanted in the psyker by their Scholastia Psykana trainers take over. If the psyker is able to pass a Challenging (+0) Willpower test then they may commit suicide with no other repercussions.

One cannot purchase virtue, so this will have to do

Players may sell their starting kit for its full price. Psykers are conditioned such that they cannot part with their Psykana Mercy Blades.