Deathwatch Adventure Generator

You must travel to the (Battleground) to do a (Task) but there is a (Complication)

Battleground (2d8) Task (1d10) Complication (1d10)
1 Angels of Death Bumbling Locals
2 Cardinal World Angels of Salvation Consumed by Rage
3 (Climate) World Bulwark Entrenched Fortifications
4 Dead World Bug Hunt Insensate Hedonists
5 Death World Extraction Riddled with Disease
6 Feral World Honour Guard Duty Rust and Scrap
7 Feudal World Purge the Unclean Superior Logistics
8 Forge World Relic Seekers Traitor Marine
9 Hive World Vanguard Trust No One
10 Imperial Colony Witch Hunt Without Number
11 Imperial World
12 Orbital Superstructure
13 Space Hulk
14 Spaceship
15 Warzone
16 Xenos Colony


Angels of Death

Assassinate the target.

Angels of Salvation

Ensure the safety of your charges by eliminating the enemy assassins.

Bug Hunt

Hunt and slay all of the targets, and burn what they have profaned with their touch.


Defend the objective from the enemy until you are relieved or the enemy are all slain.


Retrieve high-value objectives from enemy hands.

Honour Guard Duty

Defend your charge with your life and move them to the extraction zone.

Purge the Unclean

Foul abhumans and mutants have been discovered in the heart of the Empire. Let none stay your wrath.

Relic Seekers

Chase sacred or profane artefacts across the galaxy.


Break the enemy defenses and establish a beachhead for Imperial support.

Witch Hunt

Find the coven and scatter their ashes to the winds.


Bumbling Locals

The local resources, whether Arbites, Inquisitorial acolytes, PDF Troopers, etc, have only made things worse.

Consumed by Rage

The enemy is blood-crazed and makes no attempt to keep their activities secret. Entire towns are sacrificed to the altars of the Ruinous Powers overnight, suicide bombers spread chaos, and the Planetary Defense Force is split in half as brother fights brother. The situation deteriorates rapidly.

Entrenched Fortifications

The enemy holds a well-fortified location that is impervious to psychic farseeing or conventional sensors. They hold every advantage in this location, but the Killteam must assault it.

Insensate Hedonists

The enemy lives in a haze of illusions and half-remembered realities. The threat of violence only excites their twisted minds and they refuse to give up any useful information when questioned.

Riddled with Disease

The filth in the enemy's soul appears on their body in oozing pustules and sores. All of the enemies are far more resilient and far stronger than any mortal man ought to be. Furthermore, their spiritual weakness is as infectious as their physical illness.

Rust and Scrap

The machine spirits are horrified by the depraved acts of the enemy. All technological items are more likely to fail in the field. The enemy also controls a significant amount of Imperial hardware, suitably modified for their debauched tastes.

Superior Logistics

The enemy has seized control of depots, motor pools, and various other lanes of resupply which gives them a significant ability to arm and armour their foot soldiers. Additionally, the Killteam's methods of support and resupply are closed off during the opening stages of the mission.

Traitor Marine

One of the Imperium's most hated enemies supports the Killteam's foes. Whether in the shadows or on the battlefield, this twisted warrior brings millennia of base cunning and tactics to the field and will push the Killteam to their limits.

Trust No One

The enemy has spread its corrupting tendrils throughout this society. No one is above suspicion. These hidden elements conspire to make the Killteam ineffective and docile while moving to murder them.

Without Number

The enemy has seemingly endless hordes of living detritus to throw against the Killteam. The enemy prefers mob tactics to any sort of strategy, but fields enough warriors to drown even the Killteam in a sea of claws and clubs.