Merchant Generator



Name Wares Appearance
1 Ava Lester Tobacco
2 Lynwood Eels
3 Elise Dillard Jerkied, salted, and smoked meat
4 Garrett Various goods that fell off the back of a wagon Human Thief
5 Faye Stein Dyes, inks
6 Josiah Bowman Arrows, bows, bowstrings
7 Iserene Maps Doomspeaker Elf
8 Gavin the Petty Simple silver and steel jewelry
9 Kaitlin Griffin Fresh, local fish
10 Michael Golden Beer, mead
11 Lesa Garrett Carved, wooden charms and runes
12 Darsone Akernese
13 Lorena Carney Alchemical odds and ends
14 Falylan Doomspeaker Elf
15 Mattie Nichols Religious icons, hand-copied books A wandering scholar
16 Pheuse Akernese
17 Nona Keymaker Duplicating keys, lockpicking, locks, manacles A slight, young human woman with rough hands.
18 Jotra Dwarven-made alcohol, sundry crafts A stout dwarf hailing from the mountain-homes.
19 Sayib Sweetmeats, pastries, and other perishable foods A balding, swarthy man clad in fine silks.
20 Arde Vorny
21 Ursula Knapp
22 Meseus Akernese
23 Ingrid Hale
24 Krou A ritually-scarified, half-orc male
25 Gyr Loring