• Earth sent a couple hundred, cyrogenically-frozen people out at sub-light speed in order to escape a cataclysmic asteroid impact and rebuild humanity. The asteroid missed Earth however, and eventually humanity attained the stars. Two thousand years later, an archaic Ark arrived in the Core Systems bearing hundreds of culture-shocked humans from the 21st century.
  • A great and terrible Empire has collapsed, leaving squabbling nations and city-states bound by a loose Concord. Only the knight-errants of the Concord Watch can enforce peace and justice on the roadways that connect these disparate states.
  • Evil has won, and woe to the conquered. Despite this the forces of Good continue to wage a war in the shadows, striking where the Enemy is the weakest and disappearing to fight another day. Can the few remaining heroes left in this world stem the tide or will the Enemy finally triumph once and for all?
  • Your master has left you in charge of the one MacGuffin that is the key to his downfall. Unfortunately for you determined adventurers break in and steal the MacGuffin. Fearing your master's wrath if he discovers, you must venture out into a harsh world and recover the MacGuffin.
  • Your ancient and storied companion, a venerable archmage, has died and left you, his familiar, behind. However you are certain that foul play was involved and decide to investigate the circumstances behind your former master's demise. However life as a small, but somewhat-magical animal is not very conducive to your goal.
  • The war is over! Having served meritoriously the King decides to give you a small barony in newly annexed lands. You must take yourself, a few close friends, and dozen families of peasants to settle the new land. However being right on the border with the other nation makes for an interesting time.
  • Government immigration agents work to investigate, contain, and deport fantasy creatures back to the worlds of imagination from whence they came.