Tidyr Zuin

Tidyr Zuin is a writer whose true-to-life stories of his previous (mis-)adventures failed to sell any copies. He largely blames this on the fact the book was harshly panned by critics as being entirely unbelievable. Desperate to be published (and pay back a favour to the Halfling Mafia) he has embarked on a journey of the realms to create a Traveller's Guide (and avoid having his kneecaps broken). Zuin keeps several autographed copies of his book with him, stored in his handy haversack, to give to people whose company he enjoys as a (dubious) gift.

Possible plot hooks

  • Zuin tries to do what is right and just.
  • He spent his teenage years apprenticed to an older bard who served as his father figure.
  • He regularly sends money earned from adventuring back home to his single mother, but tells people it is a tithe to the church of Iomedae instead.
  • He owes a significant favour to the Halfling Mafia.
  • He wants to be successfully published.

Stuff that needs formatting


  • Natural justice is more important then the word of the law.
  • Nothing worth doing is easy.


  • Always be ready to move on to the next town
  • Never drink to excess, except in the company of friends
  • Watch out for halflings